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Get your additional ip address
Without doubt that your have a bit knowledge about internet works and whats the working principle between your computer of device and other Networks.

May be you know that every user of internet has his own number to communicate with internet?
This number is unique so you can never find 2 similar Numbers at all.

This number is called ip address.

So when you communicate with Networks ,i mean when you send your request looking for a site ,video,movie,informations or whatever ,the request will hold your number it means your ip address,thats why your internet provider can easily know all about your activities on the net.

But there is a way to hide your real ip address!
its not a joke but its the Truth.

Get an additional ip address.

An additional ip address is a proxy server or a vpn.

unblock websites is a free proxy server and its an additional ip address ,you can use it for free.
Using unblock websites you will be able to browse sites anonymously, as your real ip would be Always hidden.
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