Reasons to hide ip address in 2019
There ae actually many reasons why people or internet users need to hide their ip fact the reasons are personnal ,politic and social too.There are other reasons but we focus on those first.
2 ways to hide your ip address
Personnal Reasons
Many people hide ip address for a personnal reasons such as they do need any body to know about their activities on the internet ,some times users afraid from been hacking so all their informations will be they use unblock websites.
Political reasons
When no Freedom of experession , when internet is filtred and sites are banned ,users such as journalists hide their ip address to not be exposed to pressures from Government. So they use website unblocker .
Social reasons
Social reasons or even religious are real reasons to hide ip address especially in islamic countries when surfing on x sites considered as sins and prohibited too.So they use site unblocker .
Ways to hide ip address
Hidding ip address now a days is becoming more and more very necesseray.But what are the best ways to hide your ip address so all your activities on the networks will be secret and no body can discover your activities?

To hide ip address you need to use :

1- VPN
2- Proxy server

As an individual we mention on this article the best free proxy servers that you can use without paying any cent but its up to you that you can any moment use a paid one if able to pay monthly and you have enough to do it.
Proxy browser : proxy browser is free proxy server ,its called also online proxy browser , proxy browser online and proxy browsing.

its allow you to unblock sites and hide your ip address so all your activities are hidden.
Unblock proxy : unblocked proxy is a free proxy server created 2019. it enable you to access through filters to networks . its called also proxy unblocker , unblock all sites and unblock proxy .
Unblock websites : An other free proxy server allows you to access blocked sites,videos,and all internet hides your ip address so its very secured. unblock websites , known also website unblocker and site unblocker .
unblock websites best site unblocker

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