How to avoid hackers with proxy servers?

Security and Safety is very iportant for computer's databases.The privacy of individuals and companies both are very important too.
How to avoid hackers and save your computer's Data?
Every computer, mobile and tablet has its own database. into every data base all information such as passwords, usernames, bank card secret Numbers.
Users of internet world wide are in fact concerned about their database.
First, what is the Database?.
What is the Database?

Following Lexico dictionary the database is " A structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways. ‘A database covering nine million workers’

‘This will search the surface Web, and will access the online databases to search for information there as well.’
‘Access to computer databases mean instant checks can be carried out.’

The main synonyms of the word database:

As a final definition  the database is a gathered information well organized and accessible when needed.A computer database contains information about: workers, transactions, goods........ or whatever.
For these reasons databases are very important to be safe, to be kept always under huge security, because its usually targeted by hackers to get the information to hack.
Margeret Rouset
Margaret Rouset
Margaret Rouse Gave large biography and history of her post posted on TechTarget, where you can get more information about how databases developed over time.
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Why hackers target the database of computers?

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Hackers target databases of individuals or company's computers just to get information to use.
But, how hackers use this information?

Hackers can get from individual computer database: passwords of emails, pictures, videos and their secret information.Hackers can thread individuals when they get their secret information in so many ways.
Hackers also target company's computers database to get information about all activities, or about workers, transactions, and many secrets too.
Be safe and avoid hackers with unblock websites proxy server

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Unblock websites is a free proxy server used especially by individuals to avoid to be hacked.Known also on search engines website unblocker.
Companies usually use paid proxy servers to avoid hackers and keep computer's database safe.

The proxy servers and the VPN are the unique way and tools stop hackers to penetrate into any database on any computer.

Big database and very important once can use tools such as: IP2Proxy™ Proxy Detection Database,which can cost From $399 / Year, but the safety is guaranteed for the database to never be hacked in any way.

For more information about proxy servers and their benefits, please visit the blog.
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