Why its very necessary using unblock websites?

unblock websites is a free proxy server ,its working process to let user access blocked sources or resources ( sites - videos) and in the mean time hide the real ip address of the user just to keep him safe and to keep his informations safe also.

it acts as a vpn also , because the features of
this website unblocker allow it to be an intermediare between users and the multi networks.

when the user send any request to internet it must go through the proxy server unblock websites which encrypt the request and the ip address of the user ,this will give good results:

1- internet providers can never never about the user's requests

2- internet providers can never get an idea about what clients are navigating on the networks

3- No spy can access the user's dada ( computer,tablet,mobile)

These are the first reasons why its very necessary using the proxy server unblock websites .

UNBLOCK WEBSITES is not only to use by individuals but even can be used to shop online.shoping online is the fashion of now a days so its very necessary when using very important informations it should be encrypted.

keeping all personal informations is really matter.

the website unblocker is a free proxy server made to keep users safe.